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Despite the very Hollywood circumstances of its origin, Hogan and Kozlowski's marriage lasted for well over 20 years, although it eventually reached its own sad end.

Kozlowski filed for divorce in 2013, in part because she was tired of forever living in her husband's shadow, but also because "they grew apart." Hogan has only ever made the movies that he really wanted to make.

He'd been working in entertainment for well over a decade at that point.

He's since joked that he works less because he's instituted a "self-imposed exile." Whatever he wants to call it, Hogan is now pushing 80 years old—a perfectly reasonable time to slow down a bit.

Hogan was also said to be spending more time in Australia as a result of the wedding plans, even hoping to eventually return to his home country as soon as his youngest son, Chase, 18, was more comfortable with the idea.

, Hogan consistently traded up in his land deals, going from a humble ,000 property in the Mosman suburb to the development of a multi-million dollar "office block" in the Sydney suburb of Parramatta.

They wed in 1958, long before Hogan's career as an actor took off; he had his first taste of success on Australian TV in the 1970s with his sketch comedy program, The Paul Hogan Show.

In 2013, Hogan returned to performing and writing with a comical, biographical one-man show in which he talked about his colorful life.

An Evening With Hoges (also called Hoges Live) was a huge success, selling out dates around Australia.

Dating back to his early days as a writer and star of his own TV shows (as well as Crocodile Dundee, a movie and character he created), Hogan liked to have creative control, and he rejected a number of projects that could have advanced his career.

For example, Hogan turned down the title role in Ghost to make his own movie about a ghost, the comedy Almost an Angel. The trust raised million (in Australian money), and investors were to see a payout after seven years: half of the proceeds went to them, and half would go to Hogan.

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Ghost, which ultimately cast Patrick Swayze, was a smash hit and earned an Oscar nomination for Best Picture. However, there probably weren't too many profits to go around: Lightning Jack was a box office bomb, earning just $16 million, or half of the money it had raised from investors.

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