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Class characteristic: A feature that is shared by two or more items of footwear or tires.The footwear outsole or tire tread design and the physical size features of a footwear outsole or tire tread are two common manufactured class characteristics.Casting material: Dental stone, sulfur, or other suitable materials specifically used to accurately recover three-dimensional impressions.Some casting materials are also successful for lifting two-dimensional impressions.Blocker: An oversized outsole made of one or more components that is later cut to size.Blunt force pattern injury: An injury to the skin by an object resulting in a pattern that may replicate the design of an object.

Coaxial light: Illumination from the precise direction of the imaging lens, either through the lens or with a beam-splitter in front of the lens.

Center rib: A rib that runs circumferentially and is evenly centered within the tire tread design.

Chart board: A solid laminated board with a covering of white paper on at least one side (not foam core board) used to provide a firm and smooth backing when obtaining known tire impressions.

Bead: A hoop of steel wires that hold the tire on the rim.

Bias tire: A tire that has plies which cross over one another at an angle.

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