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Thank you :))I received a call from this number a couple of days ago, "Danny" told me I could save money on my electricity bills, when I told him I wasn't interested, he said "Are you F****ing Stupid" I was quite taken aback, & asked him to repeat what he had just said, he said "No because you will record me" I told him I already had.I told him I did not like being spoken to in this manner, & to remove my number from his database and hung up.I JUST SPOKE WITH WESTERN UNION AND THEY SAID THIS IS DEFINITELY A SCAM. Man with a thick Indian accent called and said he was with windows technical department and there was an issue with my computer.

I got a missed called from the number 612-0057 so I'm being curious by trying to find out who it was or if is a Ministry because i knew i had applied for jobs. Heather calling to lower my Credit Card interest rates.

They send a contract showing the money then ask you to top it up to £1500 to be invested in a Jupiter 5* bond Put the phone down Regards Chris Woke me out of bed at AM.

Raced to the phone expecting to hear an emergency only to hear a robo call: "Hi, this is Donna from credit services.

I don't think she was associated with my banking institution. I finally answered and it was a lady that was saying that she wanted to find me a job. Santander UK- free phone When I phoned Santander on their standard number, I was referred to this number to make a free phone call.

I will not divulge my credit card number to an unknown person, would you? She sounded like a robot and was asking for the year I graduated from hs, my email, my phone number, my zip code, and other info that would’ve been on my resume if they really had it. When she connected me the lady then again asked for my hs graduation date and I said don’t call me again. However, my phone is telling me that 13 people did report this number as a Spam, so it may be best to call back Santander on the number listed on their website.

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