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Forget flash cards—Spark Notes' SAT Vocabulary Novels feature 1,000 of the most frequently tested vocabulary words, with definitions.

Read them for free on the web and you'll have them all under your belt. Mike Riley's untouchable—he's the high school quarterback, he's dating the hottest girl in the school, and he can't seem to lose at cards.

Because he doesn't have that feeling of butterflies, of romance, of excitement.

It isn't necessary for a courtship, nor for the majority of happy, loving, enduring marriages, it wasn't ever present.

Likewise, a relationship with compatibility but no chemistry runs the risk of developing into a passionless relationship, and you don’t want that either.

That being said, each person has a different timeframe when exploring chemistry with a potential partner.

A “great person” does not always translate into a “great person for you” unless he meets your unique relationship needs, and chemistry is one of those needs.

Sacked takes us into the world of Drew Benson, a high school senior ready to take his older brother’s spot as starting quarterback. To get back on top, Mike stakes everything on a brazen scheme to beat a group of ruthless card sharks at their own game. Rave New World It's the year 2157, and every pleasure that doesn't turn people into dutiful consumers has been classified as an addiction and outlawed.

It could be that they have a strong "chemical" reaction, or a personal "magnetism" that makes them feel as if they've known each other all their lives.

Is this instant attraction a barometer by which we could measure the likelihood that two people have met their future life partners? The vast majority of people who feel a strong connection from the outset end up breaking up a few months later.

But when a big, fast new kid named Samson Hill shows up, Drew finds he has competition for the top spot. Jaden Emory's job is to find out people's hidden addictions—and root them out.

Drew’s dad pressures his son to be number one, and each week we learn more about how far Drew will go to be the best. But when rebellious raver Ally Fayre enters the picture, it's Jaden who becomes addicted..her. Busted by Emma Harrison Kim Stratford has her eye on two different guys—but that's not her real problem.

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