Missionary dating

You can lie on your back in a boat, for all I care! One partner lies flat on their back, you know, wherever it feels good.Partner number two straddles the chest and positions his butt close to his partner's face. While the other squats and hovers just over their partner's face, facing nipples and penis.Of course, the limber yoga master receiver can also contort in this sex position to stroke the pitcher with backhanded strokes, as well.And, for those yoga-fanatical pitchers, you may also find yourself in a position to curl around the receiver's side to play with his nipples.Once inserted, it's time for the receiver to make it work by creating all the thrust and momentum.

These gay sex positions will shock, entertain, and hopefully make you salivate.1. Hot Diggity Doggie If you've haven't seen a dog humping another dog then you've been living under a rock. The doggy style position is great for a good, hard, fast thrusting, the "Catcher" is on hands and knees, backside to their partner's penis, and away you thrust.The more the legs get pushed back, the tighter the backside feels.Just be careful that a trip to the chiropractor isn't the next step for your dearly beloved.For you swimming enthusiasts, or those of you who just appreciate a man in a Speedo (a man in a Speedo who does a Speedo justice, that is), here's your chance to dive into your partner like you've never done before.Just make sure he's been working those biceps and triceps ...

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