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There were parts of the season I enjoyed a lot, but overall, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth, so much so that I'm not going to bother with the reunion.Feel free to discuss/summarize anything interesting that comes up there -- like Eliza explaining her (deciding) vote for Parvati -- in the comments.Survivor is notorious for game changers that come straight out of left field, leaving castaways angry, appalled, and, sometimes, relieved.And once again, Cirie left the game immediately before the final Tribal Council (although in Panama, she left after losing a tie-breaking challenge).James won the fan favorite award yet again, taking home 0,000, and Jeff Probst returned to his normal wardrobe after wearing funkier shorts last week.

You laughed and smiled and whooped when you voted other people out, and all of a sudden it's this great burden to do so?

If I were Chet, I’d hire an armed guard for the reunion show.

Survivor: Micronesia: Season 16, Episode 5 Reality series -- CBS; Thurs., March 6; 8 p.m.which is why he wants more child support for their 2 daughters.

Perhaps most shocking of all, though, was James’ revelation during the final Tribal Council.

Which makes me reconsider the real value of our honors program.

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