Developing and validating measures of temperament in livestock

Are you willing to lose your home owner’s insurance? If the bite was to you, can you spend a year healing your hand from a bad bite that keeps you from writing, or playing the violin as a musician?

In addition, and essentially, everyone has a different tolerance for risk.

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If there is anything harder than euthanizing a beloved dog for serious behavioral problems, I don’t know what it is.

Usually conversations about serious behavioral problems include three primary options for dealing with all serious behavioral problems: 1) Keep the dog and work with a trainer or behaviorist to mitigate or manage the problem, 2) re-home the dog if it can be done safely and responsibly, and 3) euthanize the dog.

Needless to say, option three should only be considered if options one and two are not viable. Here are criteria that I suggest everyone consider:1.

Can you live in health knowing that your dog might badly injure someone if you forget to lock a door?

I’ll get the conversation started, but I greatly value the input of you as a reader, if you have any to share.

But be careful of making judgments here: I have seen people whose lives were almost destroyed because of an aggressive dog.

People who hadn’t had company for over a decade and whose marriages were on the rocks (or over) because of it.

A woman whose dog stalked her through the house and held her hostage in the upstairs bedroom at midnight while I and a colleague drove up outside to capture the dog and save her.

One of my clients stitched up a long, serious bite wound in fear that getting medical care would force her to consider not keeping her dog.3. Aggression is often context specific, and if it is triggered by predictable, and manageable stimuli, then the dog might indeed be able to be re-homed.

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  1. Still, it was always the simple things like that which mattered to Jenna the most. Just before Lauren hung up she heard Jenna squeal excitedly, and closed her eyes. We have the place to ourselves for right now." Lauren was glad for that much, but she remained skeptical about the idea of Natalie coming at all. Jenna opened Natalie's closet and stepped aside, gesturing for her to look inside. "Maybe she bought a new one for tonight." Lauren suggested, hating herself for trying to play on Jenna's hopes.