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This session will be useful for researchers, engineers, consultants, and those developing standards and specifications.ACI Subcommittee 440-M, FRP-Repair of Masonry Structures, is sponsoring this technical session focusing on various applications of fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) systems for masonry structures.You are currently using a browser that is no longer supported, and may contain security vulnerabilities.To get the best experience with we suggest using a newer version of Internet Explorer/Edge or using another supported browser such as Google Chrome.

“Guide to a Simplified Design for Reinforced Concrete Buildings,” ACI 314R-16 presents simplified methods and design techniques that facilitate and speed the engineering of low-rise buildings within certain limitations.The use of alternative cementitious materials (ACMs) in construction is a developing technology.Currently, specifications and design codes are based on the use of portland cement as the primary binding ingredient.The use of ACMs is rapidly advancing, requiring owners, contractors, and engineers to address specifying, testing, and performance of ACMs.This session will offer perspectives on the challenges of ACMs and how specifications, building codes, and construction practices are adapting to new ACM technology.

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